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Top 10 A Level Subjects Selection And Their Benefits

Top 10 A Level Subjects Selection And Their Benefits

Do you have a favorite subject in school? Or perhaps there’s a subject you’re passionate about that’s not on your current timetable? A-Levels offer a fantastic opportunity to delve into subjects that genuinely interest you, whether they’re entirely new like psychology, economics, or sociology, or if you simply want to explore a subject further.

However, with so many options available, it can be challenging to decide which subjects to choose. It’s essential to consider how different subjects complement each other, potentially guiding you toward a specific degree or career path. To help you make your decision, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 A-level subject combinations that could assist you in reaching your goals.

What Are A-Levels And Are They Important?

Students aged 16 and older, typically in Years 12 and 13, can opt to pursue advanced level qualifications, commonly referred to as A-Levels. During this stage, students typically concentrate on studying 3 or 4 subjects of their choosing. Universities frequently require applicants to have achieved high A-Level grades, or their equivalent, for admission to their programs. Therefore, if you’re considering higher education or desire flexibility for your future pursuits, pursuing A-Levels might be the perfect path for you.

(1) Maths, Physics, and Further Maths

If Maths and Physics were your strengths at GCSE, delving deeper into them might be the perfect choice for you. These subjects complement each other seamlessly, offering plenty of overlap. Alongside acquiring advanced knowledge in these areas, you’ll also develop numerous transferable skills, including numeracy, data analysis, logical thinking, and problem-solving.

However, it’s worth noting that these subjects can be challenging and demanding. Yet, with great challenge comes great reward. Undertaking A-Levels in these subjects demonstrates to universities that you’re not only capable but also motivated to excel in your learning journey.

(2) Maths, Chemistry, and Biology

This is a classic combination ideal for students aiming to pursue medicine or dentistry. Mathematics holds high esteem in medical applications, and most universities expect aspiring medical and dental students to have a background in at least one science subject. Given the competitive nature of top courses, alongside top grades, a compelling personal statement demonstrating passion for the subject is crucial.

However, the benefits extend beyond these careers. Mathematics, chemistry, and biology are highly regarded by universities, making you an appealing candidate across various fields of study. 

Studying these subjects showcases your ability to handle a demanding workload and prepares you for university-level work in advance.

(3) Maths, Computer Science, and Product Design

Combining art and math is an excellent way to demonstrate your well-rounded abilities. This mix allows you to understand complex topics while showcasing your creativity, providing a versatile skill set applicable to many fields, particularly architecture and engineering. 

Math is invaluable for creating technical drawings, and with much work now done using computer software, knowledge of computer science offers a significant advantage. Additionally, studying product design can enhance your proficiency with computer programs, enabling you to create impressive designs and prepare a portfolio for prospective universities.

(4) Business Studies, Economics, and Maths

If you seek profound insights into the professional realm, these subjects offer invaluable perspectives. Business studies and economics intersect closely with mathematics, as mathematical principles are integral to grasping contemporary economic concepts. This A-Level combination is particularly advantageous for individuals with aspirations in accountancy, finance, or business-related careers.

Keep in mind that A-Levels represent a considerable advancement from GCSEs, so it’s essential to prepare yourself adequately for the challenge and ensure you have the necessary support in place.

(5) Biology, Chemistry, and Psychology

Studying biology, chemistry, and psychology is perfect for anyone passionate about science. This combination of natural and social sciences will deepen your understanding of scientific processes in all their forms. You’ll learn how to conduct research, perform experiments, and analyze data, preparing you well for any science-related degree. Additionally, this mix allows you to explore and discover which branch of science you enjoy the most.

(6) History, Economics, and Politics

If you’re interested in current affairs and the news, consider studying history, economics, and politics. These subjects not only enhance your reading, essay writing, and debating skills but also prepare you for careers in law, politics, or journalism. This combination is particularly advantageous because they complement each other well. Applying economic principles to your history essays or using historical insights to interpret modern politics can help you achieve excellent marks. 

(7) English Literature, History, and Philosophy

Good with words? English literature, history, and philosophy are excellent choices for anyone passionate about reading and writing, as these subjects involve plenty of both. 

By strengthening your essay-writing skills and honing your ability to critically analyze texts, you’ll be well-prepared for university and beyond, setting yourself up to become a top academic.

(8) English Language, Art, and a Modern Language

For culture enthusiasts, this combination is ideal. Learning a language is incredibly beneficial—not only is it fascinating to study, but it also impresses prospective employers and opens up exciting travel opportunities. Pairing it with English language studies enhances your command of your own language while learning others. Both subjects allow for creative expression, making art a perfect addition, especially if you want to explore the art of the country whose language you’re studying.

(9) Philosophy, Sociology and Psychology

If you’re eager to explore entirely new subjects, these options might be perfect for you. Philosophy, sociology, and psychology are typically not taught at GCSE level, so taking them at A-Level demonstrates your adaptability as a student. These subjects help you develop strong debating and critical analysis skills regarding society and human behavior. They also complement each other well in university studies, making them a great choice if you’re considering a multidisciplinary approach. 

(10) Geography, Chemistry and Sociology

Our final subject combination is perfect for anyone passionate about the environment and keen to address issues of sustainability and climate change. Pairing geography with sociology provides a solid foundation in understanding both the science of the natural world and the societal interactions with it. Adding a core science like chemistry can be particularly beneficial if you’re aiming for a BSc degree.

This combination opens up a wide range of career possibilities, including roles in the energy sector, government positions, or helping companies achieve net zero emissions. There are numerous exciting opportunities in the environmental field waiting for you.

Starting your A-Levels soon?

Starting A-Levels can feel overwhelming since it’s a significant step up from GCSEs. While we’ve suggested some subject combinations, there are many other options that work well together. Focus on subjects that interest you and try to balance them with those that have overlapping content. If you have a specific university course in mind, check their requirements to see which A-Level subjects are necessary for application.

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