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7 ways to help your child choose a career

7 ways to help your child choose a career

Some professions seem to be more profitable and prestigious than others. Therefore, many adults try to convince their children to take up exactly one of these occupations so that they secure a happy future. However, hinting on the list of the most outstanding professions might not be enough. In this article we are sharing some tips how you could make a real contribution to the prosperity of your child’s lifetime career.

1. Remember that your child should not take after you

It is understandable that you have absolutely pure intentions when you try to advise your child on the best scenario when it comes to picking a career. Nevertheless, while doing so it is easy to forget that your child has a completely different set of skills and interests than you do, thus they might enjoy different type of jobs. Just avoid telling your child what they should or should not doing because they are not an extension of you.

2. Help your child discover their strengths

Take a close look at your child’s passions and strengths – just observe what comes easily to them that others seem to struggle with. Talk to them, try to understand what lights them up. Also, it is a very good idea to have them complete aptitude tests. Some great examples of such tests are the Myers-Briggs test, Holland Code and Strong Inventory. They can take various assignments and then you can interpret the results, look for any correlations. It might be that the test patterns show the child is good at one thing, whereas their passion lies in a completely different one. It is certainly something to think over but not a reason to rule out that option as a career. Instead, you can brainstorm together how your child can bring their natural strengths to the field where they imagine themselves in multiple years’ time.

3. Help find a mentor for your child

It always helps to have a role model. This person should already have a background in the field your child is interested in. The mentor would lead by example, inspire and get your child motivated to fulfill their dream.

4. Let your child experiment to see what piques their interest

How can you know what you like if you have tried only a limited number of activities? Give your child an opportunity to expose themselves to the arts, science, animals, travel, museums, etc. If you start noticing there is something they are curious about, encourage them to learn more about this subject. The more you let your child explore themselves, the higher is the chance that they end up going for the right career that will ensure self-satisfaction for the rest of their life.

5. Encourage your child to find their tribe

Having the right people next to you is oftentimes at least one third of success. Explain this to your child so they do not avoid people but, on the contrary, spend time with them and try to inspire their peers. Whether it’s sports, a business club, a service organization, etc., having an amazing tribe of people can change their lives to the better and affect many decisions they make.

6. Set a great example

If your child sees you being in love with what you do, building a career of your dream, then it is likely they will do the same. Everything comes from family so do not underestimate this fact and do your best to be that example worth following. You child should live in the atmosphere where everyone is happy about the quality of their life but not where everyone is chasing some society standards for acceptability.

7. Be patient and encouraging

It might happen so that your child changes their mind as they navigate their career path. These times will not be the easiest, but it is important to have someone to rely on and someone who would support during this period of time. Be ready to give your child a hand whenever they need it and discuss possible alternatives with them without being too pushy or categoric.

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