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Good Tutors Finder enables you to receive a top tier tutor at a modest price. Hours purchased can be used for any subject, and shared among immediate family members. We’re so convinced that you will enjoy your tutoring services that we offer a 100% tutor satisfaction guarantee.

One-to-one LessonsAt Home or Online
Homework Help, LanguagesCHF 59 per hour
Better Understand, Exam Prep, Science, MathsCHF 69 per hour
Our most accomplished tutorsCHF 79 per hour
Group LessonsAT HOME OR Online
Homework group, LanguagesFrom CHF 20 per hour
Better Understand, Exam Prep, Science, MathsFrom CHF 20 per hour
Summer CampsFrom CHF 15 per hour

All prices are exclusive of Swiss VAT at 7.7 %.

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