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Studying during Holidays, How to Make the Most of It

Studying during Holidays, How to Make the Most of It

The winter holidays are a much-anticipated break for everyone, particularly for school and college students. It’s an opportunity to get some much-needed rest and refresh their minds. Afterward, students can get back to class, full of strength and inspiration. While relaxation is essential, it is also possible to do studying during holidays and get on top of your studies.

5 Hidden Gems of Studying during Holidays

The holidays! That season! The gifts! The time to relax and enjoy family and friends. What could be better? It is also a much-needed break from school. After 2021, all of us need it.

However, studying during holidays can benefit you greatly as a student. No one assumes you should spend all your free time doing it, but finding some time to learn can help you enjoy an easier start to the new semester.

Here are five reasons why it’s worth studying during the holidays:

1. Keeping your brain occupied.

The mind is like a muscle. Just like any other muscle, it needs activity and training to perform effectively. Studying during the holidays, you’ll quickly adjust when you go back to school. It is especially critical in some situations, for example:

  1. If your finals are after the break;
  2. If it’s your last semester before graduation;
  3. If you have a year-long research paper or thesis to write.

2. You are learning at your own pace.

Having no deadlines or assignments can allow you to extend and deepen your knowledge.

1. Studying during the holidays will give you plenty of time to focus on what interests you. It could be an article your instructor or tutor recommended or a book you have always wanted to read. Whatever it is, now you have some free time, and with social distancing requirements, it might be the best option.

Another good tip is to go through the syllabus and the literature list for the classes you have just taken. Mark the readings you liked the most and read more on the same subject matter.

2. Better chances to be well prepared for the finals. Most students will be done with the finals by the beginning of the winter break. However, there are some schools where students pass their finals afterward. If that’s how it is at your institution, then consider studying during the holidays.

The earlier you start, the more prepared you will be. Remember that it is not about how much you learn, but how regularly you do it.

3. Good routine.

You probably have a good study routine throughout the school year. It helps you to stay busy and focused on your goals. During your winter break, maintaining a study routine can be helpful as well. You can try to set up study goals too—it does not matter how big or small they are. Plus, there are some other benefits:

  1. It’s a great habit to have. The more you study—the easier it gets.
  2. It’s good for your mental health. It is one of the long-term benefits of creating a healthy study habit. It can also help you avoid procrastination and demotivation.
  3. It can help you to adjust to the semester quicker.

4. Freedom to study.

When you have the opportunity to choose what to study, you learn better. You might know that some schools offer winter classes for those who want to take credits during the winter break. You can also check out the available courses for the next semester and preselect some that interest you. If there are no winter classes, you can use other website resources or learn a new skill.

5. Never taking fun for granted.

What‘s better than taking a break after some hard work? It is much more pleasant to watch a movie with your family or play board games if you feel accomplished. You appreciate it much more when you work for it.

How to Make Your Holidays Productive: Step-by-Step

Even if you’re decided to study during the holidays, it might be challenging to force yourself to do so. It can be hard to concentrate in a festive atmosphere, especially when another Holiday movie from childhood is being uploaded on a streaming service.

Get Motivated

One of the biggest challenges of studying during holidays is finding the motivation to do so. So, here is a list of what you need to do to find the motivation to learn and keep it up throughout the holidays.

  • Evaluate what you have to learn or complete. Take a sheet of paper and write down tasks that you need to complete. Make an overview of everything you have to or want to do. It doesn’t take much time. By doing so, you will be one step closer to finishing your tasks.
  • Consider the consequences of not doing so. What happens if the task isn’t done? Or if you leave it until later? Take a minute to think about the consequences if you fail to complete an assignment or prepare for exams. Such an approach will motivate you to work and help prioritize your tasks.
  • Make a checklist of tasks. Create one in a spreadsheet or any other format convenient for you. Write down everything you need to do. You can write down additional details, like due dates or subtasks. Crossing completed items off a list can be very motivating.
  • Come up with rewards. Don’t forget to reward yourself while studying. If you promise yourself a little treat for every completed task, you will have more motivation to do it. The rewards can be different: from a small snack to a whole retail therapy. Just remember not to go overboard with prizes!

Set up a timer. Devote short periods for studying, restricting yourself with phone notifications. Think of it as a break between classes. Set a timer on your phone or laptop not to miss when to stop studying or resting. That way, it will help you use your time effectively and save you from procrastinating.

Create a Schedule

Time management is a key to successful learning over the break. Planning helps to stay disciplined and focused on studying. In other words, the best way to organize your work is to create a schedule.

Due to the worldwide pandemic, the majority of schools and colleges operate in an online mode. People got used to working from their homes. This winter break, it might be easier to manage to study during the holidays than before. Still, without scheduled classes, you may get too relaxed and unmotivated.

Find a Location

Once you figured out the planning part of the process, it’s time to set up an office at home. Before the pandemic, you could’ve gone to a cafe or a library to study. Now, it might not be the option you’re looking for. Creating a study space at home can be safer and better.

Here is how:

1. Do not study in your bed. Your bed is the most comfortable place for you. It’s great for resting and getting your energy levels back. However, it is one of the worst places to study. Why? According to the studies, there are two reasons for that:

  • Studying in bed limits your focus. A comfortable environment will make you want to sleep. This way your efforts are doomed from the beginning.
  • Studying in bed will damage your sleep. Your body and mind associate your bed with rest. When you decide to go to sleep, your brain will continue thinking.

Besides, studying in bed can considerably harm your back. You should look for a desk or table to sit straight.

2. Find a place at home where you’ll study. The first thing you have to do is find a suitable chair and a desk. Place it in the quietest and most isolated corner of the house. Throw away all the unneeded stuff and make it neat and pleasant. Arrange all the study supplies and set up a laptop station.

Once you go into your study room, there will be no need to procrastinate. Choose what works best for you. Some people study better when they change places. If that’s the case with you, think about investing in a pair of noise-canceling headphones.

3. Decorate it and make it comfy. The first step is to remove all the unnecessary objects. Please keep what you need or arrange to have easy access to it. Things that you might need:

  • Textbooks;
  • Healthy snacks, tea, or coffee;
  • Writing supplies;
  • A comfy chair;
  • A good lamp.

You can try to experiment with different lights. The best type is daylight, of course. If you prefer to study in the evening, then get yourself a good lamp.

Don’t be afraid to add some festive touches to your study area. It can be a funny mug, thinking pad, or a small decoration on your desk. The goal is to make your study area as comfortable as possible for you.

4. Have easy access to everything you need. As mentioned earlier, it is crucial to have everything you need nearby. First of all, you will not waste any of your time looking for it. Second of all, it will help you to focus longer on your goals.

Studying during holidays is not an easy task in itself. There are many distractions during the holiday season. Having things you need at the reach of your hand can help you accomplish more.

5. Remove all the distractions. When you set aside time for studying, try to be as focused as possible. Removing distractions can benefit you. Start by closing all the useless laptop tabs. Then hide your phone and other electronic devices. Don’t forget to switch off the TV if it’s playing in the background. For better focus, kindly ask people to leave the study space. [Related article: Balancing Healthy Screen Time and Distance Learning]

Keeping your study space neat and clean is essential as well. An unclean environment can hurt your inspiration.

Turn up the Music

Myths surround the effects of listening to music. Some claim that music can only distract from learning, which may be true but not for everyone. Some people believe in The Mozart Effect. It‘s an idea that listening to classics makes a person smarter. This effect, alas, has not been confirmed by science. However, music can help students learn (especially during the holidays).

Study with Friends

Everybody is dealing with the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic. On a lockdown for a long time, many students have not seen their friends for weeks or even months. Don’t you miss them?

Don’t worry!

We have an idea on how to stay in touch with your friends and spend quality time together. Try to organize group studying sessions. Connect with your friends in Zoom and see how exciting your learning process might be.

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