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Tutoring Solutions for Schools

We reinforce classwork, and support teachers, by providing quality one-to-one tuition so all pupils can achieve their goals.

Solutions For Schools

Students make twice the progress

Our tutors can explain in more details topics which have been challenging. We adapt the learning process and can speed up or slow down based on the student’s capabilities and convenience.

The tuition fits into the school day

Our tutors can cover any time of the day, and we can plan the tuition when it is the most convenient for the students, parents, and teachers. The tuition timings are flexible and rescheduled easily.

Tutoring Solutions For Schools
Tutoring Solutions For Schools

Seamless reporting

The teachers have access to the tuition report so that they can monitor progress and provide guidance when needed. Our dedicated account manager ensures the Tutoring Service embraces the school’s culture.

Handpicked tutors

All our tutors have at least a Bachelor degree in the subject that they teach, an educational qualification, and go through our thorough selection process. We cover all topics, all grades, and all learning style.

Tutoring Solutions for Schools

Our Tutoring Services offer excellent Tutors at the School, at Home and Online, in Mathematics, Science, Physics, German, French, English, and more. We help to improve the student marks, master a skill, or go beyond the curriculum. We offer One-to-One and Group Tuition Online.

Our Tutors master the IB Diploma, IGCSE, AP, and Gymi syllabus.