Bespoke Tutoring Plan

We develop the tutoring plan based on the need of the student. Everything is tailor-made.

All Subjects, All Level, All Ages

Our tutors help you to achieve your learning goals and cover all curriculum.
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Most Acomplished Tutors

All our tutors have at least a Bachelor Degree and often an educational qualification. We are committed to academic excellence.

Quality First

We directly employ all our tutors to ensure quality and deliver value to our customers.
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Peace of Mind

Once you start, you have access to all our tutors. There is no minimum period or notice period, and you can stop at any time.

All Learning Style

If for any reasons, you are not happy with the tutor we have assigned we will assign another tutor.
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Top Questions

We offer excellent tutors for a range of budgets. Please see here our prices.

Your child is unique and so are their needs. We will surely find the formula that works for you. Our advisers are here to talk to you, and better understand your need. We will match your child with the right Tutor having the right skills, approach, and interpersonal skills.

The sessions will take place at your house or online at the time that has been agreed. 

Many signs can tell you that your child could greatly benefit from our services. Some of the signs to look out for are: a decrease in their performance at school, a loss of motivation which respect to school in general, a lack of confidence in their school work, stress and conflict when it comes time to do homework and lessons. Good Tutors Finder encourages you not to wait for you child to fail. Call upon our services and set up your child for success!

The parent has an important complementary role to the services provided by Good Tutors Finder. When you sign your child up for our services, we provide you with a free guide that will give you advice on how to play your role in your child’s progress.

An improvement in their learning depends on many factors such as the frequency of meetings and the difficulties the student is already experiencing. At Good Tutors Finder we generally see significant improvement within 2 months of a child having at least 2 hours of tuition per week.

Our large pool of tutors allows us to help students from the secondary (10 / 11 years old) to university (20+ years old). 

You can sign up online here or schedule a time to talk to one of our advisers here.

Our tutors can work from Monday to Sunday, in the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening. We do our best to match your availability with those of the selected tutor.

We recommend at least one hour per week. This ensures that the right foundations are put in place. However, sometimes if there are more than one subject to focus or we need to go back to some previous curriculum to bring the student up to speed we might recommend two or three hours per week. Please contact us to discuss.

The easiest payment method is online with any major credit card. However, we also accept bank transfers if needed.

The services are paid directly to Good Tutors Finder. The tutors are not able to collect payment.

Please contact us now on whatsapp +41 76 213 1843. Or send us an email at