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A-Level Tips & Benefits Of A-Level Retakes

A-Level Tips & Benefits Of A-Level Retakes

Seeing a result different from what you hoped for can be one of the most gut-wrenching feelings as a young person. Your immediate reaction might be to succumb to the jarring combination of depression and panic that exam failure can induce. However, it’s important to remember that all is not lost—you have options.

Whether you choose to enter Clearing to find a last-minute place, apply for a remark, or start your A-levels over again, there are plenty of reasons to resist curling up in despair on Results Day.

‍Why should you sign up for A-level retakes?

If you’ve just emerged from an intense two years of Sixth Form study, the idea of delaying university for another year to resit your A-levels may seem unappealing. But hear us out. While A-level retakes might not be how you envisioned spending this year, there are several reasons why picking yourself up and trying again might be the best option for you.

‍When it comes to university, you don’t want to compromise

Even if you’ve only begun to look into Results Day, you’ve probably heard about Clearing. This process allows students who didn’t get into their first-choice university to apply for alternative courses at the last minute. While thousands of students use Clearing each year, there’s a significant drawback: the university you enter through Clearing won’t be the one you originally chose.

This can be heartbreaking for students who had their hearts set on their dream university, with its specific course, campus, and town. So, when considering A-level retakes, the first question to ask yourself is: is this university worth waiting for? For many students, the answer is a resounding yes.

What are the benefits of A-level retakes?

We’re so glad you asked.

It’s not like school!

The first thing to know about A-level retakes is that, if you opt for private tutoring, the experience will be completely different from your last year at school. We promise. Taking your A-levels outside a school setting is a whole new experience, and we guarantee it won’t feel like a repeat of your previous year.

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Time frame


Gap year, anyone?

An unexpected gap year can actually be a blessing in disguise. While your friends may be preparing for another year of full-time study, our retake courses are designed to give you the flexibility to pursue other projects alongside your revision. You could use the extra time to take on a part-time job, delve into a potential career through an internship, or even embark on a travel adventure.

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Your tutor’s top priority leading up to ‘A-levels Take 2’ is to collaborate with you in identifying what went wrong during your first attempt, so you can achieve the results you desire this time. But how exactly do they approach this?

We consulted one of our most experienced retake tutors to uncover the key elements of a successful retake course. “Not achieving desired exam results can be disheartening, and it takes significant courage to give it another shot,” they shared. “During the initial stages of the course, our tutors focus on boosting students’ confidence. They also strive to understand the reasons behind the initial setback. Was it due to issues with their teacher, missed lessons due to illness, or perhaps a need for improvement in exam technique?

As part of our retake courses, we aim to dismantle the traditional student-teacher hierarchy encountered in schools. A collaborative learning approach yields the best outcomes. Therefore, our tutors foster an environment that encourages openness, questions, and immediate feedback.

How can you make the most of your A-level retake the course?

That’s a great question.

Practice makes perfect

So, opting to retake your A-levels seems like the optimal choice. But how can you ensure you don’t repeat the same mistakes as before? Dive into every past paper and exam-style question you can find, even if they’re not from your exam board. The more you practice your subjects, the more you solidify the skills in your long-term memory.

If you encounter a challenging topic or struggle with a question, don’t hesitate to communicate with your tutor. There’s no need to feel embarrassed—we’re here to assist you. Collaborating with your tutor on the areas of the course that challenge you can significantly improve your results.

Embrace boldness

Don’t let past setbacks hold you back. Dwelling on previous mistakes will only hinder your progress and your ability to excel this time. Remember: the potential of a fresh start is limitless, and with the right dedication and support, success is within reach.

With a private tutor, you can learn at your own pace. Your tutor can pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses and tailor a learning plan to suit your needs. Additionally, they can offer personalized feedback to help you address areas for improvement.

At Good Tutors Finder, we provide private tutoring services across a variety of subjects, including Mathematics, Science, Physics, German, French, English, and more. From elementary school to university level, our highly qualified and experienced tutors are dedicated to delivering the best possible learning experience for our clients.

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